Dog Grooming Galashiels, Scottish Borders
Bath & Blow Dry
As well as the obvious reasons of having a clean fresh smelling dog it is also a means of checking for any problems including itchy skin, parasites; swellings etc. It is also a great bonding time between owner and dog.
Brushing & Grooming
A thorough brushing will massage your dog, stimulating the blood flow, which can help in producing a healthy coat, as well as getting rid of any knots and small matts and any dead and unwanted hair. Grooming helps to reduce any moulting and can reduce the amount of vacuuming needed in your home.
Nail Care
I always clip the dog’s nails and have seen some awful consequences of a dog’s nails not being clipped. The nail starts to curl and can even curl under piercing the pad causing infection and can also lead to deformed feet making it painful for the dog to walk.
Ear & Eye Care
Ear and eyes are cleaned and checked as well as removal/reduction of tear staining on the face. Ears are plucked (with aid from ear powder) if required, checked and cleaned with cotton wool and ear cleaning solution. All dogs need to have their ears checked & cleaned to maintain their health & prevent any problems.