Questions & Answers About Dog Grooming

Q: How to contact me?
A: Both my phone and email address are on the contact section. I am happy to discuss what you require for your pet when making the appointment especially if it’s your dog’s first time.

Q: Can I stay with my dog?
A: I don’t encourage owners to stay with their pets and often find the dogs more at ease when the owner is not there. If however I feel it may be helpful you are welcome to stay.

Q: When should I start having my dog groomed?
A: It is good practice to groom your dog from an early aged to get him used to being brushed. Taking your dog to a professional groomers can be done around 12 weeks old as long as it has had all its vaccinations. I offer a first puppy trim, which is a short and gentle session and will introduce your pup to the grooming routine and allow a bond to develop between puppy and groomer.

Q: How long does a groom take?
A: This all depends on the breed of the dog and what service is being provided, for example a bath, blow dry, clip, nails cut, eyes and ears tidied/cleaned allow for two to two and a half hours for small/medium breeds but I will give you an indication before you arrive.

Q: Will my dog be safe?
A: Completely. I use restraint leads whilst grooming and there are three sets of secure doors to get through before your pet could make any escape. As I operate a one dog at a time policy it is unlikely your dog will come into contact with another unless it is with Buster (my adorable Yorkie Poo) and under my supervision. I am familiar and have all the legislation regarding the welfare of animals and work to these regulations.

Q: Can you deal with aggressive or difficult dogs?
A: Sometimes a dog will dislike excessive handling and become anxious or aggressive. Only if I feel absolutely necessary will I muzzle a dog to protect the dog from causing damage to itself or to me. Only one dog at one time is groomed at my studio to maintain a calm atmosphere.

I am an experienced handler but if a dog is too aggressive or simply very unhappy being groomed, I will not pursue it and will return to the owner at no charge. If a dog is regularly too anxious or aggressive to groom I would recommend a veterinary groom under sedation. 

Q: When should my dog be groomed?
A: Depends on the growth rate of the coat but breeds with longer coats i.e. Lhasa Apso or Shih Tzu’s, will need trimming at least every 6 weeks.

Q: How can I maintain the appearance?
A: Keeping the coat matt free with regular brushing and combing is essential. A regular professional groom will mean your dog will keep a good shape and texture to its coat for all its life.

Q: What is "matting" and how do I get rid of it?
A: These are knots and clumps of hair that you can’t run a comb through. Matting can be uncomfortable for the dog, cause itching, skin irritations, collect dirt and parasites and become tighter and worse in the wet. The best treatment for severe matting is to clip the coat short however most matting can be removed by careful brushing when the coat is dry and the use of a de-matting tool. Matting removal can hurt the dog and professional removal is recommended.

Q: Do you treat for fleas?
A: Yes, but I will phone you before I do to make you aware of the additional cost.

Q: Do you disinfect after each dog?
A: Yes. My grooming table, tools and clippers are disinfected after each dog.

Q: What shampoo and grooming products do you use?
A: If your dog has a skin condition and a prescription shampoo, please provide for me to use. I use only superior products that are organic, tearless, hypoallergenic and tested to the highest standards. I obtain my products from Technogroom, a well known supplier of specialist dog grooming products.

Q: How do you cope with big or heavy dogs?
A: I have stairs leading up to the bathing area and a full size electric table table that allows me to lower the table to 8.3” from the ground. This provides an easy step up for large or older dogs. I have in the past asked owners to stay to help with the moving and handling of very large dogs such as Newfoundlands.

Q: Do you use fresh towels for each dog?
A: Absolutely.